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Elections of Members of the International Court of Justice: Late Nominations and Withdrawals of Candidacies

  • Shabtai Rosenne


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1 UN Doc. A/520/Rev.l2.

2 UN Doc. S/96/Rev.6.

3 A reproduction of the ballot paper used in the election held during the fifteenth session of the General Assembly (1960) is found in Rosenne, The World Court: What it is and How it Works 59 (3d. rev. ed. 1973).

4 11 UN SCOR, 757th meeting 2 (1956).

5 M. O. Hudson, The Permanent Court of International Justice 1920–1942, at 243, 250 (1943).

6 The exception is found in the election held during the third session of the General Assembly. 3 UN GAOR, Pt. I, Annexes, at 245, UN Doc. A/677, para. 4 (1948).

7 UN Docs. A/10182/Add.l and S/11802/Add.l (1975).

8 For the documentation for these elections, see the particulars set forth in Rosenne, Documents of the International Court of Justice 337 (1974). The documentation relating to the election of 1975 can be found in 30 UN GAOR, Annexes, Agenda Item No. 17.

9 UN Doc. A/PV.1456, at 3 (1966).

10 U N Doc. S/PV.1313, at 10 (1966).

* Member of the Institute of International Law. This note, which reflects the personal views of the author, was completed in March 1976.


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