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Detlev F. Vagts (1929–2013)

  • Peter D. Trooboff


In August we learned of the passing of Detlev Vagts, our colleague, mentor, and friend, and this Journal’s co-editor in chief from 1993 to 1998 with Judge Theodor Meron. Fortunately, Vagts lived to hear not only praise for his life devoted to scholarship, teaching, and academic administration at the Harvard Law School but also expressions of gratitude for his service to his country and to this Journal. In addition, his former students honored him during his lifetime with a Festschrift of insightful essays, providing a complete list of his publications and valuable perspectives on his career.



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12 See, for example, Vagts’s entries on balance of power and national socialism and international law in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law as well as his publications in German or about German scholars cited in the Festschrift. See Bibliography of Detlev Vagts, in Making Transnational Law Work, supra note 1, at 655– 61. In addition, in 1991, along with Werner F. Ebke, Vagts received the Max Planck Research Award for outstanding international research achievements.

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20 Vagts, Detlev F., The Logan Act: Paper Tiger or Sleeping Giant?, 60 AJIL 268, 300 (1966) (concluding that on constitutional and policy grounds a legislative reexamination of the statute was essential to allow “[a] political determination... as to what restraints [on U.S. citizen communications with foreign governments] are actually necessary”).

21 Vagts, Detlev F., The International Legal Profession: A Need for More Governance?, 90 AJIL 250, 261 (1996) (suggesting that our profession needed to “expend some intellectual energies in grappling” with the “problems and uncertainties” that he had shown existed concerning the rules and requirements for judges, arbitrators, and counsel in international litigation).

22 See, e.g., Vagts, Detlev F., Professional Responsibility in Transborder Practice: Conflict and Resolution, 13 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 677 (2000).

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28 Detlev F. Vagts, Treaties and Translation: A Guide for the Non-Linguist (2013) (unpublished draft manuscript) (on file with author) (includes two interesting cases in which issues depended on treaty translation in relation to claims against German industrial firms that employed slave or forced labor during World War II (London Agreement on German External Debts) and in relation to the transfer by the United States to a third country of non-nationals who were captured in Iraq (Fourth Geneva Convention)).

* Senior Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP.

Detlev F. Vagts (1929–2013)

  • Peter D. Trooboff


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