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Looking for Locapours: Using Zagat Survey Data to Examine Restaurant Demand for Local Wine

  • Joseph M. Perla (a1), Bradley J. Rickard (a2) and Todd M. Schmit (a2)


There is increasing interest in local foods among consumers in the United States and a rise in offerings of local products in restaurants. We use Zagat survey data and restaurant-specific menu information to estimate factors that influence the availability of New York State (NYS) wine in 1,401 NYS restaurants. We focus on wine because its production region is clearly labeled on menus and there is a burgeoning industry in NYS. Our econometric results indicate that decor ratings, cuisine styles, certain wine list characteristics, and distance to wine regions have statistically significant impacts on the likelihood of NYS restaurants serving local wine.


Corresponding author

Correspondence: Bradley RickardDyson School of Applied Economics and ManagementCornell University137 Reservoir AvenueIthaca, NY 14853Phone +1.607.255.7417 ▪ Email


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Looking for Locapours: Using Zagat Survey Data to Examine Restaurant Demand for Local Wine

  • Joseph M. Perla (a1), Bradley J. Rickard (a2) and Todd M. Schmit (a2)


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