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Gender Relations in the Democratization Process: An Analysis of Agrarian Policies in Africa

  • Yassine Fall


This paper is an attempt to link women’s empowerment in the democratization process and the sexual division of labour and resources in land management. Following the introduction, section two will assess the scope of women producers’ participation in the agrarian sector. Section three will analyze traditional land management systems. The impact of land reforms on women’s access to land is examined in section four. Finally, the conclusion will stress the need to create the legal and political climate that will allow the emergence of a more balanced land policy as a first step towards sustainable democratization.

Women’s potential contributions in rural development, particularly in food production, have been extensively documented.



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* Yassine Fall is an economist from Senegal. She is the Co-Founder of Partnership for African Development, an African NGO working on research, capacity building, development communications and advocacy for Economic Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ms. Fall is also Ag. Executive Secretary of the Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD) and the Africa Coordinator for the “Women’s Eyes on the World Bank “ campaign.


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