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Three-Dimensional Wall Jet Originating from a Circular Orifice

  • B G Newman (a1), R P Patel (a1), S B Savage (a1) and H K Tjio (a1)


An incompressible three-dimensional turbulent wall jet originating from a circular orifice located adjacent to a plane wall is studied both theoretically and experimentally. An approximate similarity analysis predicts that the two transverse length scales, l 0 and L0, and the inverse of the mean velocity scale grow linearly with distance downstream x from the orifice. Experimental measurements of mean velocity and longitudinal turbulence intensity profiles were made both in air and water with hot-wire and hot-film anemometers respectively. The behaviour predicted by the similarity analysis was verified. It was found that the rate of growth of the length scale normal to the plane wall, dl 0/dx, was somewhat less than that found for a two-dimensional wall jet, whereas the rate of growth of the length scale in the lateral direction, dL0/dx, was about seven times greater than dl 0/dx.



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Three-Dimensional Wall Jet Originating from a Circular Orifice

  • B G Newman (a1), R P Patel (a1), S B Savage (a1) and H K Tjio (a1)


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