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Triangular tabs for supersonic jet mixing enhancement

  • Arun Kumar P. (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a1)


The mixing promoting capability of right-angled triangular tab with sharp and truncated vertex has been investigated by placing two identical tabs at the exit of a Mach 2 axi-symmetric nozzle. The mixing promoting efficiency of these tabs have been quantified in the presence of adverse and marginally favourable pressure gradients at the nozzle exit. It was found that, at all levels of expansion of the present study though the core length reduction caused by both the tabs are appreciable, but the mixing caused by the truncated tab is superior. The mixing promoting efficiency of the truncated tab is found to increase with increase of nozzle pressure ratio (that is, decrease of adverse pressure gradient). For all the nozzle pressure ratios of the present study, the core length reduction caused by the truncated vertex tab is more than that of sharp vertex tab. As high as 84% reduction in core length is achieved with truncated vertex right-angled triangular tabs at moderately overexpanded level, corresponding to expansion level pe /pa = 0·90. The corresponding core length reduction for right-angled triangular tabs with sharp vertex and rectangular tabs are 65% and 31%, respectively. The present results clearly show that the mixing promoting capability of the triangular tab is best than that of rectangular tabs at identical blockage and flow conditions.


Corresponding author


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Triangular tabs for supersonic jet mixing enhancement

  • Arun Kumar P. (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a1)


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