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Tab location effect on supersonic jet mixing

  • K. Maruthupandiyan (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a2)


Aerodynamic mixing of a Mach 2 jet controlled with rectangular flat tab with length equal to the nozzle exit diameter, placed at locations 0.25D, 0.5D and 0.75D, downstream of the nozzle exit, has been studied in the presence of different levels of pressure gradients corresponding to nozzle pressure ratio (NPR) range from 3 to 8. The mixing modification associated with shifted tabs is compared with the mixing caused by the same tab at the nozzle exit (0D). The aerodynamic mixing caused by the mass transporting small-scale vortices shed from the edges of the tab placed at the shifted position is found to be appreciably larger than the tab at nozzle exit, for some levels of pressure gradient. For some other levels of nozzle expansion, mixing caused by the shifted tab is comparable to that of tab at nozzle exit. The waves present in the core of the jet controlled with shifted tab were found to be weaker than that of the jet controlled with tab at nozzle exit. At a marginally underexpanded state corresponding to NPR 8, jet core length reduction caused by the tab at 0.75D is about 39.21%, which is closer to the reduction of 40.2%, caused by the tab at 0D. The corresponding core length reduction for tab at 0.25D and 0.5D are 38.16% and 20%, respectively.


Corresponding author


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Tab location effect on supersonic jet mixing

  • K. Maruthupandiyan (a1) and E. Rathakrishnan (a2)


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