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Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction in the opening process of conical parachute

  • Y. Cao (a1), Z. Wu (a1), Q. Song (a1) and J. Sheridan (a2)


According to multi-node model, the dynamics equations of conical parachute system for simulating shape deformation process of the flexible canopy in the opening process were established. With the combination of dynamics equations code and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, the fluid-structure interaction investigation of the conical parachute was carried out. Also the change of parachute shape and flow field, inflation time, the rate of descent, the distance of descent, and other relevant data were achieved. This paper has focused on analysing vortex structure of the flow field in the opening process of conical parachute, and laid the foundation for studying mechanics mechanism of flow field variation of conical parachute in future.



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