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Investigations of synthetic jet control effects on helicopter rotor in forward flight based on the CFD method

  • Q.-J. Zhao (a1), X. Chen (a1), Y.-Yang Ma (a1) and G.-Q. Zhao (a2)


To investigate the control effect of the synthetic jet on the aerodynamic characteristic of rotors, a numerical simulation procedure for the rotor flowfield is established. First, a moving-embedded grid method and an unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier–Stokes (URANS) solver are established for predicting the complex flowfield of rotors. A velocity jet boundary condition over the jet actuator orifice is constructed, and a numerical method for simulating the active flow control on rotors is developed. Then, the effectiveness of the simulation method is validated by comparing the numerical results of jet control on NACA 0015 aerofoil with the experimental data. At last, the aerodynamic characteristic of rotors with synthetic jet actuators located on the suction surface of the blade in forward flight is calculated. The results indicate that the synthetic jet has the capability of improving the aerodynamic characteristic of rotors, especially in inhibiting the flow separation over the surface. In addition, the increase of the jet momentum coefficient and the jet angle can both enhance the lift coefficient in the retreating side. Compared with a single jet, jet arrays have better control effects on improving the aerodynamic characteristic of rotors in forward flight.


Corresponding author


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Investigations of synthetic jet control effects on helicopter rotor in forward flight based on the CFD method

  • Q.-J. Zhao (a1), X. Chen (a1), Y.-Yang Ma (a1) and G.-Q. Zhao (a2)


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