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Integrated speed/synchrophasing control of turboprop engine

  • X. Zhao (a1), X. Huang (a1), T. Zhang (a1) and Y. Wang (a2)


Propeller synchrophasing control is an active method to reduce the noise and vibration of turboprop aircraft without additional weight and power. Phase control accuracy has a great influence on the noise reduction effect of synchrophasing. An integrated power/speed/synchrophasing control strategy is proposed to improve the control precision. Speed/phase control transformation logic based on a multi-blade phase plane is adopted which can take both the rapidity of speed response and phase control precision into account, but there exists switching oscillation during the mode transform process. In order to suppress the phase fluctuation due to exterior disturbance, a slave-slave control scheme is provided to take place of a master-slave scheme. Simulation results based on an integrated turboprop engine/propeller real-time non-linear model show that speed/phase integration logic can improve the response rapidity of both the speed and phase. The precision of the control system is verified to be in acceptable range.


Corresponding author


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Integrated speed/synchrophasing control of turboprop engine

  • X. Zhao (a1), X. Huang (a1), T. Zhang (a1) and Y. Wang (a2)


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