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Heat transfer measurements on a biconic in hypervelocity nitrogen flow

  • S. L. Gai (a1), T. Cain (a2) and W. S. Joe (a2)


Heat transfer rates on a straight biconic, an attractive configuration for an aero-assisted orbital transfer vehicle, were made in the ANU T3 shock tunnel at various angles of attack and a stagnation enthalpy of 26 MJ/kg, equivalent to a flight speed of 7-2 km/s. The heat transfer database at this higher enthalpy has been compared with the data obtained on the same model in hypersonic and hypervelocity facilities elsewhere. The non-equilibrium flow effects on the model have been discussed in terms of the Hornung reaction rate parameter Ω.



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Heat transfer measurements on a biconic in hypervelocity nitrogen flow

  • S. L. Gai (a1), T. Cain (a2) and W. S. Joe (a2)


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