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Extensive 3D analysis for fluid–structure interaction of spanwise flexible plunging wing 3D FSI Analysis for Spanwise Flexible Plunging Wing

  • H. Cho (a1), N. Lee (a2), S.-J. Shin (a3) and S. Lee (a4)


In this study, an improved fluid–structure interaction (FSI) analysis method is developed for a flapping wing. A co-rotational (CR) shell element is developed for its structural analysis. Further, a relevant non-linear dynamic formulation is developed based on the CR framework. Three-dimensional preconditioned Navier–Stokes equations are employed for its fluid analysis. An implicit coupling scheme is employed to combine the structural and fluid analyses. An explicit investigation of a 3D plunging wing is conducted using this FSI analysis method. A further investigation of this plunging wing is performed in relation to its operating condition. In addition, the relation between the wing’s aerodynamic performance and plunging motion is investigated.


Corresponding author


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