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Airline safety — some lessons from Australia

  • G. R. Braithwaite (a1) and R. E. Caves (a1)


Since 1993, research at Loughborough University has included examining the commercial air safety record of Australia in an attempt to rise to the challenge posed by Professor James Reason: “Should we not be studying what makes organisations relatively safe rather than focusing upon their moments of unsafety? Would it not be a good idea to try and find out what makes them good and whether or not these ingredients could be bottled and handed on?”.

The objective is not to prove Australia to be the safest place to fly, nor its airlines the safest in the world. It is simply to examine what sort of defences are in place that may be strengthened or emulated.



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Airline safety — some lessons from Australia

  • G. R. Braithwaite (a1) and R. E. Caves (a1)


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