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X-Ray Point Focusing Using Cylindrically Bent Crystals with Modulated Structures for Synchrotron X-Ray Beams

  • W. Z. Chang (a1), F. N. Chukhovskii (a1) and E. Förster (a1)


Micron or submicron spatial resolution for x-ray microfluorescence analysis has been pursued using various x-ray point focusing methods,1-4 such as transmission zone plates, tapered capillaries, and Bragg Fresnel lenses. Point focusing using bent crystals does not seem to be a desirable means for achieving a microbeam size, although it is a traditional technique which utilizes perfectly curved crystal surfaces to focus x rays emanating from the source. It is known that point focusing can only be achieved by bending a crystal two dimensionally, which normally introduces imperfections to the crystal since the crystal is an undevelopable surface. Unavoidably, the introduced imperfections will broaden the reflection curve (rocking curve) of the crystal and, in turn, broadens the focal spot size.



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