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X-Ray Microprobe Studies of Hungarian Background and Urban Aerosols

  • Sz. Török (a1), Sz. Sándor (a1), C. Xhoffer (a2), R. Van Grieken (a2), K.W. Jones (a3), S.R. Sutton (a4) and R.L. Rivers (a4)...


In order to determine the polluting atmospheric sources in urban and background areas source apportionment of the air particulate matter is necessary. Hitherto these studies were mostly based on bulk composition measurements of the aerosol. Source profiles, i.e. the concentrations of several elements for air particulate matter originating from one source, can be deduced from the receptor data using a number of multivariate techniques among which the chemical mass balance. The application is limited by the large number of observations that must be made for each of the variables. Often an elaborated sample preparation is necessary for fractionating the sample into several sub samples, according to the density, particle diameter or other relevant properties . Often this may results in poorly resolved source profiles.



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