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X-ray Measurements of Surface Residual Stresses in Cold Rolled α-Brass

  • W. Wallace (a1) and T. Terada (a1)


Residual elastic stresses have been measured in cold rolled α-brass (30% zinc) using the available x-ray diffractometer methods. Residual stress values obtained by the two exposure and sin2ψ methods of stress analysis are compared with data obtained using Wagner's extrapolation method.

For deformations up to 50% reduction in thickness, tensile surface stresses prevailed, and in most cases could be detected by these methods. Uncertainty of the value of a0, the lattice parameter of the deformed' material, presents a serious limitation to the extrapolation technique. Using the approximation a0 = a0 ann, residual stresses appear lower than, and frequently of opposite sign to those given by the two exposure method. In addition, lattice parameter variations in the near surface regions of the rolled sheet were opposite to those expected from the true macrostress distributions shown to exist by the two exposure method and by strain gauge techniques. The distributions of ahkl points in the extrapolation plots were in agreement with theory for a combination of anisotropic elastic stresses and low stacking fault density.



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