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X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of High Z Materials with Mercuric Iodide Room Temperature Detectors

  • J. Nissenbaum (a1), A. Holzer (a1), M. Roth (a1) and M. Schieber (a1)


Mercuric iodide HgI2 room temperature solid state radiation spectrometers having 4% energy resolution at 100 KeV detected the x-ray fluorescence (XRF) of the K shell of intermediate and high Z elements. The excitation of the K shells which emit XRF more energetic than 60 KeV was achieved with 7mCi collimated 57Co and for XRF less energetic than 60 KeV the excitation was done with a 10mCi 241Am source. The K shell XRF spectra of a 1:1 mixture of U and Th, and also of the single elements of Au, Tb, Ba, Ag, Mo, and Rb are shown. The results prove the feasibility of developing mercuric iodide portable XRF spectrometers which operate at room temperature and which have a wide range of geochemical and industrial applications.



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