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X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Effects of Uniaxial Plastic Deformation on Residual Stress Measurements

  • A. L. Esquivel (a1)


Uniaxial Plastic Deformation (UPD) has been known to produce anomalies in residual stress measurements based on x-ray diffraction techniques. This study was undertaken to determine the magnitude of the effects, if any, on residual stress calculations from various materials subjected to UPD. An x-ray diffraction study using the two-exposure method ( ψ = 0° and ψ = U5°) was made on several iron, aluminum, and titanium alloys (AISI 4340, 4330M, 4130; 2024-13, 7075-T611; Ti-6Al-4V) before and after these alloys were deformed plastically by bending on a U-bend test fixture. The x-ray peak shifts, Δ2θ0-ψ, were recorded and the x-ray stress factors, Ki, calculated by three different methods. The results indicate that UPD of the calibration specimens will increase or decrease Ki depending on the alloy. These results are discussed together with observations on the additivity of residual and applied stresses, and the per cent differences in the stress measurements based on stress factors calculated by three different methods.



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X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Effects of Uniaxial Plastic Deformation on Residual Stress Measurements

  • A. L. Esquivel (a1)


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