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X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Titanium-Nickel System

  • John V. Gilfrich (a1)


X-ray diffraction studies were made on the Ti–Ni system around the stoichiometric composition of the intermetallic compound TiNi to clarify some confusion which has existed about the phase diagram in this region, and to explain some anomalies in the physical properties of this material. Wrought and cast samples were examined at room temperature both before and after heat treatment and at temperatures both above and below ambient. The compound TiNi does exist at room temperature. The phase purity of the particular sample was found to be greatly affected by such factors as minor variations in composition, heat treatment, and method of sample preparation. Some confirming metallographlc and physical property data will also be presented.



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X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Titanium-Nickel System

  • John V. Gilfrich (a1)


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