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The Use of Computer Techniques to Plot Pole Figures

  • J. H. Holland (a1), N. Engler (a2) and W. Powers (a2)


A method has been derived and is currently being used to plot normalized pole figures by computer techniques. As the pole distribution traces, i.e., intensity of the diffracted X-ray beam, versus angular position of the specimen are not an acceptable input for the computer, the data required from such traces are entered onto IBM punch cards. Corrections for defocusing effects may be readily made as the data are transferred from the Brown recorder traces to IBM punch cards. It is possible to program other correction factors into the computer operations providing that these correction factors or curves can be established accurately. The computer translates angular position of the specimen into reactiiinear coordinates which are an identical representation of stereographic coordinates. This computer method has been used in conjunction with the Schulz reflection technique, but modification of the computer program permits its use with other quantitative X-ray techniques for determining preferred orientation.

The feasibility of using computer techniques to plot inverse pole figures has been considered.



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The Use of Computer Techniques to Plot Pole Figures

  • J. H. Holland (a1), N. Engler (a2) and W. Powers (a2)


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