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Synchrotron and Laboratory Studies Utilizing a New Powder Diffraction Technique

  • G. S. Knapp (a1), M. A. Beno (a1), G. Jennings (a1), M. Engbretson (a1) and M. Ramanathan (a1)...


We have developed a new type of powder diffractometer. The diffractometer has the potential of both high count rates and very high resolution when used at a synchrotron source. The laboratory based instrument can achieve an order of magnitude improvement in count rate over existing methods with proper optics. The method uses a focusing diffracted beam monochromator in combination with a multichannel detector. The incident x-rays fall on a flat plate or capillary sample and are intercepted by a bent focusing monochromator which has the focus of the bend at the sample surface. The powder diffraction lines emerging from the bent crystal monochromator are detected by a linear or 2-dimensional detector. This allows us to eliminate the background from fluorescence or other scattering and to take data over a range of 3° to 4° instead of one angle at a time thereby providing a large improvement over conventional diffractometers.



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