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Study of Combustion Originated Ash Particles

  • Sz. Török (a1), Gy. Fatgel (a1), J. Osán (a1), B. Török (a1), K. W. Jones (a2), M. L. Rivers (a3), S.R. Sutton (a3) and S. Bajt (a3)...


We are engaged in a study of the ash produced by combustion of lignite in a 750-MW power station. The aim is to follow the transport of elements with Z> 16 from the mine, through: a) the combustion process, b) emissionto the atmosphere or c) deposition in a land fill, d) transport in the environment and e) subsequent uptake by animals and humans. The resulting data will be used to estimate potential adverse impact on human health caused by operation of the power station.



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