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Soft X-Ray Vacuum Ultraviolet Diagnostics of High Density, High Temperature Plasmas at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory

  • Erskine J. T. Burns (a1)


Soft X-ray, vacuum ultraviolet diagnostics of high temperature, high density plasmas are used to determine the temporal, spatial, spectral and total fluence of radiation emitted from plasmas. Some of the radiation diagnostics used to characterize these plasmas are: metallic photocathodes with thin anodes; Ross filter - PIN detector combination; time-resolved pinhole cameras; metallic calorimeter; bent crystal and grazing incidence spectrographs; and differentially pumped, windowless, Samson-type ionization chambers.



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Soft X-Ray Vacuum Ultraviolet Diagnostics of High Density, High Temperature Plasmas at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory

  • Erskine J. T. Burns (a1)


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