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A Soft X-ray Experimental Facility

  • John V. Gilfrich (a1), David J. Nagel (a1), Mohammad Fatemi (a1), Richard D. Bleach (a1) and Karrol R. Hudson (a1)...


A high vacuum soft x-ray source has been coupled to a large volume experimental chamber to provide a versatile facility for x-ray investigations in the energy range of 0.1 to 10 kev. The source chamber presently contains a modified Herike tube, but can employ any of a variety of source designs. The large experimental chamber is equipped with a kinematic mount to position a number of x-ray optical instruments. The source and experimental chambers are connected through a high vacuum valve/shutter, and are pumped separately with provision for a thin window to isolate one from the other, single and double crystal spectrometers have been used in the experimental chamber. A variable chord diffractometer/reflectometer using double crystal monnotiromatization has been designed, in addition, the facility has been used to expose photoresists in x-ray lithography tests.



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A Soft X-ray Experimental Facility

  • John V. Gilfrich (a1), David J. Nagel (a1), Mohammad Fatemi (a1), Richard D. Bleach (a1) and Karrol R. Hudson (a1)...


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