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Residual Stresses in Aluminum-Mullite (α-Alumina) Composites*

  • Davor Balzar (a1) and Hassel Ledbetter (a1)


We studied particle-reinforced 6061-aluminum-alloy composites with particle volume fractions ranging from 0 to 0.25. The mullite particles are approximately spherical and contain embedded α-alumina phase. We obtained lattice parameters of all three phases in the composites and starting materials by using Rietveld refinement of x-ray diffraction patterns. In all three phases stresses are tensile and approximately of the same magnitude, contradicting a requirement for mechanical equilibrium. Stresses increase with both increasing particle size and volume fraction. Measurements of extracted-from-composites particles showed no evidence of a possible chemical reaction at the matrix-particle interface. The matrix is [111] and [100] textured, but measurements of elastic constants reveal only small anisotropy. Thus, explanation of the mechanical-equilibrium violation remains uncertain.



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On leave from Department of Physics, Faculty of Metallurgy, University of Zagreb, 44000 Sisak, Croatia.


Noncopyrightable in United states



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