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Real Time Synchrotron Topography Using a CID Array Camera with Digital Image Acquisition and Processing

  • John M. Winter (a1) and Robert E. Green (a1)


Synchrotron white beam transmission topography of GaAs as previously reported by the authors relied on scanning specimen and film synchronously through the incident x-ray beam to record transmission topographic images en film. Sometimes the total dose required for reasonable contrast on film carried with it enough thermal deposition to cause elastic warping of the wafer. To escape these problems, a real time system was assembled. This system included an image intensifier, a solid state camera, a computer board to frame-grab and digitize images, and appropriate image processing software. With this system, a three inch specimen was scanned from edge to edge in one minute. At this scan rate, the incident x-ray beam had to be significantly attenuated to avoid saturating the intensifier output.



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2. Winter, J, M. Jr., and Green, R. E., Jr., “Thermally Induced Strain in Gallium Arsenide as Observed in White Beam Transmission Topography”, in Annual Report of the National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York, p. 303, (1990).
3. Model, CID.E. 2250D2-20 Camera, CID Technologies, Inc., Box, P.O. 626, Liverpool, N.Y., 13088
4. DT3851A-8 Flexible Frame Processor Board, Data Translation, 100 Locke Drive, Marlboro, MA, 01752
5. Model 4DX2-66V computer with a VESA Local Bus, an ATI Ultra Pro graphics accelerator card, 8 Mb of RAM, a 256 Kb cache, a 340 Mb hard disk drive, and both 5.25” and 3.5” floppy disk drives, Gateway 2000, 610 Gateway Drive, North Sioux City, South Dakota.


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