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Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis on a Synchrotron Radiation Wiggler Beam Line

  • J.V. Gilfrich (a1), E.F. Skelton (a1), S.B. Qadri (a1), N.E. Moulton (a1), D.J. Nagel (a1) and J. Z. Hu (a2)...


It has been well established over recent years that synchrotron radiation possesses some unique features as a source of primary x-rays for x-ray fluorescence analysis. Advantage has been taken of the high intensity emanating from the bending magnets of storage rings to develop x-ray microprobes utilizing apertures or focussing optics, or both, to provide a beam spot at the specimen of the order of micrometers. The use of insertion devices wigglers and undulatora, can further increase the available intensity, especially for the high energy photons. Beam Line X-17C at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, accepts the unmodified continuum radiation from a superconducting wiggler in the storage ring. Some initial XRF measurements have been made on this beam line using apertures in the 10 to 100 micrometer range. The fluorescent radiation was measured by an intrinsic Ge detector having an energy resolution of 300 eV at 15 kev, and located at 90° to the incident beam in the plane of the electron orbit. In samples containing many elements, detection limits of a few ppm were achieved with 100 μm beams.



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