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Measurement of Atomic Elastic Constants by Pulsed Neutron Powder Diffraction

  • A. C. Lawson (a1), G. H. Kwei (a1), J. A. Goldstone (a1), B. Cort (a1), R. I. Sheldon (a1), E. Foltyn (a1), J. Vaninetti (a1), D. T. Eash (a1), R. J. Martinez (a1) and J. I. Archuleta (a1)...


We have developed a technique for determining the atomic elastic constants from measurements of the Debye-Waller factors. The Debye-Waller factors are obtained by Rietveld refinement of time-of-flight neutron diffraction data and interpreted in terms of an atomic Debye-Waller temperature. The method is applicable to powders and to materials that must be encapsulated for safety or environmental reasons. We will illustrate our technique with applications to actinide metals, to metallic hydrides and to high-temperature superconductors.



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