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Lattice Spacings in Some Transition Metal Terminal Solid Solutions

  • Henry Chessin (a1), Sigurds Arajs (a1) and D. S. Miller (a1)


The lattice parameter-composition curves for several nickel solid solutions and for some chromium and. iron solid solutions are discussed. It is shown that the size effect may be the predominating influence on the change of lattice parameters in these systems. This is demonstrated by comparing observed and calculated data employing various methods. A new scheme for evaluating the atomic size in solid solutions is proposed, based on regarding the atom, as an incompressible core surrounded by a smeared-out compressible volume. The suggestion that classical elasticity theory may be used as a basis for understanding the size effect in solid solutions is justified by examination of the Ag-Pd system for additions of Ag from 0 to 100 at. %.



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Lattice Spacings in Some Transition Metal Terminal Solid Solutions

  • Henry Chessin (a1), Sigurds Arajs (a1) and D. S. Miller (a1)


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