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Gamma Ray and X-Ray Imaging Studies of the Location and Shape of the Melt-Solid Interface During Bridgman Growth of Germanium and Lead-Tin-Telluride

  • R. T. Simchick (a1), S. Sorokach (a1), A. L. Fripp (a2), W. J. Debnam (a2), R. F. Berry (a2) and P. G. Barber (a3)...


The success of new electronic materials has been due in part to the development of procedures that produce semiconductors of sufficient purity and perfection. These materials have been grown from the gas phase, solution, and melts. The Bridgman technique is one way semiconductor crystals are grown from the melt. In such furnaces the semiconductor material is usually sealed in an ampoule made of quartz or other suitable material, placed inside the tubular furnace, and heated to completely melt the sample. The ampoule with the molten material is slowly removed from the furnace by one of three ways.



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