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Electron Microprobe Analysis of Highly Radioactive Samples

  • V. G. Scotti (a1), J. M. Johnson (a1) and R. T. Cunningham (a1)


An electron microprobe analyzer shielded and modified to accept for analysis radioactive samples reading up to 100 R/hr is described. The following features will be illustrated and discussed: (1) biological shielding, (2) detector shielding, (3) sample transfer system, (4) remote sample loading and focusing system, (5) laboratory layout, and (6) experimental results.



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1. Bradbury, B. T., Demajnt, J. T., Martin, P. M., and Poole, D. M., “Electron Probe Microanalysis of Irradiated UO2,” AERE-R-4845, 1965.
2. Fornwalt, D. E., Gourley, B. R., and Manzione, A. V., “A study of the Compatibility of Selected Refractory Metals with Various Ceramic Insulation Materials,” CNLM-S942, presented at Electron Microprobe Symposium of Electrochemical Society Meeting, Washington, D.C., October, 1964.
3. Ziebold, T. O. and Ogilvie, R. E., Anal. Chem. 36: 322 (1964).


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