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Development of a Mercuric Iodide Detector Array For In-Vivo X-Ray Imaging

  • Bradley E. Patt (a1), Jan S. Iwanczyk (a1), Martin P. Tornai (a2), Craig S. Levin (a2) and Edward J. Hoffman (a2)...


A nineteen element mercuric iodide (HgI2) detector array has been developed in order to investigate the potential of using this technology for in-vivo x-ray and gamma-ray imaging. A prototype cross-grid detector array was constructed with hexagonal pixels of 1.9 mm diameter (active area = 3.28 mm2) and 0.2 mm thick septa. The overall detector active area is roughly 65 mm2. A detector thickness of 1.2 mm was used to achieve about 100% efficiency at 60 keV and 67% efficiency at 140 keV The detector fabrication, geometry and structure were optimized for charge collection and to minimize crosstalk between elements. A section of a standard high resolution cast-lead gamma-camera collimator was incorporated into the detector to provide collimation matching the discrete pixel geometry. Measurements of spectral and spatial performance of the array were made using 241-Am and 99m-Tc sources. These measurements were compared with similar measurements made using an optimized single HgI2 x-ray detector with active area of about 3 mm2 and thickness of 500 μm.



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