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The Crystal Structures of the Cubic and Tetragonal Phases of Y1Ba3Cu2O6.5 + δ and Y1Ba4Cu2O7.5 + δ

  • M. A. Rodriguez (a1), J. J. Simmins (a1), P. H. McCluskey (a1), R. S. Zhou (a1) and R. L. Snyder (a1)...


The discovery of the superconducting material Y1Ba2Cu3O6+δ ( “123” material) resulted in a world wide interest in the pseudo-ternary system BaO·YO·CuO. A complete study of the phases present in this system was initiated to develop a better understanding and processing of the superconducting 123 material. The crystal structures were established for two of the three ternary compounds in this system immediately after the discovery of superconductivity. One such phase was a green insulating compound Y2Ba1Cu1O5 (”211”) which has the space group. The superconducting 123 compound was found to have the space group Pmmm and an ordered triple-celled perovskite structure.



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