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The Crystal Structure of ThPd4

  • J. R. Thomson (a1)


The structure of ThPd4 has been determined by X-ray powder methods. It has the simple cubic Cu3Au (LI2) structure a = 4.110 ± 0.002 Å at 80 at. % palladium. Interatomic distances and the range of stability of this compound and of ThPd3 are discussed briefly.



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1. Ferro, R. and Capelli, R., Acta Cryst, 14: 1095, 1961.
2. Dwight, A. E., Downey, J. W., and Conner, R. A. Jr., Ada Cryst. 14: 75, 1961.
3. Catterall, J. A., Grogan, J. D., and Pleasance, R. J., J. Inst. Metals 85: 63, 1956-7.

The Crystal Structure of ThPd4

  • J. R. Thomson (a1)


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