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The Construction Of Quantitative Inverse Pole Figures Using the Available Odf Data

  • Charles Peng (a1) and Lu Ting (a1)


The ODF calculation is, to a large extent, responsible for the increased interest in texture analysis. Accurate pole figures and ODF plots can be routinely obtained in the laboratory from x-ray units equipped with precision controlling devices. For studies of the plastic flow behavior of polycrystalline aggregates, it is important to present the texture results in a manner readily usable for these analyses. For samples having a simple concentrated texture, the presentation of the data in terms of conventional pole figures and ODF plots is usually adequate. Additional work however is frequently needed when the analysis is involved with a more complex texture. A method is described for constructing the quantitative inverse pole figure using the available ODF data. Attention is focused on the construction of inverse pole figures for FCC and BCC metals. Examples are given of the plastic flow analyses for copper and tantalum which were produced by different cold-forming processes to yield a multitude of texture elements. The modification and rearrangement of the computer program necessary to accomplish this task will be discussed.



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