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Changes in the Bragg-Williams Parameter with Deformation in Ordered Au4V

  • B. G. LeFevre (a1) and E. A. Starke (a1)


The intermetallic compound Au4V is known to be ferromagnetic at temperatures below 43°K. Its ferromagnetism, which has been attributed to long range order, can he destroyed by cold deformation. The present study was undertaken to determine how the Bragg and Williams long-range-order parameter of the fully-ordered alloy varied as a function of deformation by cold rolling. Because of complexities in the diffraction spectrum it was not possible to determine 5 by a simple ratio of integrated intensities as is frequently done in other ordered systems, A treatment was developed to handle these difficulties using a modification of a method developed by Giamei and Freise for determining volume fractions of mixed phases. These results are correlated with magnetic measurements made by Chin and coworkers at Bell Laboratories.



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Changes in the Bragg-Williams Parameter with Deformation in Ordered Au4V

  • B. G. LeFevre (a1) and E. A. Starke (a1)


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