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Applications of the Gandolfi X-Ray Camera in Minerals Industry Research

  • Ronald K. Corbett (a1)


The Gandolfi camera, which produces simulated powder diffraction patterns from single crystals, has been found to be a very useful tool in applied mineralogical research. For many micro-diffraction problems, the advantages of the method far outweigh its weaknesses, and Gandolfi films are usually quite adequate for identification purposes. A simple modification to the small Gandolfi camera permits the recording of low-angle reflections corresponding to d-spacings of nearly 14 angstroms for CuKα radiation. Applications of the method include identification of radioactive minerals, other heavy minerals, contaminants, and glass stones.



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1. Gandolfi, G., “Discussion upon Methods to Obtain X-Ray ‘Powder Patterns’ from a Single Crystal,” Miner. Petrogr. Acta 13, 6774 (1967).
2. Sorem, R. K., “X-Ray Diffraction Technique for Small Samples,” Am. Mineral. 45, 1104-1108 (1960).


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