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Application of Gandolfi X-Ray Diffraction to the Characterization of Reaction Products from the Alteration of Simulated Nuclear Wastes

  • C. A. F. Anderson (a1), M. E. Zolensky (a1), D. K. Smith (a1), W. P. Freeborn (a2) and B. E. Scheetz (a2)...


Accurate phase characterization of the alteration products of rad-waste requires the separation and identification of scattered individual grains from among the bulk product. These grains are typically 5 to 100 μm in size. Bulk x-ray powder diffraction will normally not detect these minor phases, and even if the phase can be detected, it often may not be identifiable. The use of the Gandolfi technique with the individual particle not only facilitates the identification, but also allows the assignment of the identification to the specific grain.



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