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Absolute Calibration of Photoelectric Diodes

  • R. H. Day (a1) and E. J. T. Burns (a1)


Photoelectric diodes with aluminum have been calibrated in the energy range from 0.1 keV to 1 keV with a multielement Henke X-ray tube system using regenerative monochromatic filters. The calibration is performed at six energies: (1) Be - (0.109 keV) , (2) C - Kα (0.277 keV), (3) Ti – Lα1, 2 (0.452 keV) , (4) Fe – Lα1, 2 (0.705 keV), (5) Cu – Lα1, 2 (0.930 keV), and (6) Al – Kαl, 2 (1.487 keV). Several different 99.9%, (1000 series) aluminum foils were calibrated for use as cathodes. In addition, the average energy per electron ion pair, W, has been measured for methane at these same energies.



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