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Simulation of Viscous Flows Around A Moving Airfoil by Field Velocity Method with Viscous Flux Correction

  • Ning Gu (a1), Zhiliang Lu (a1) and Tongqing Guo (a1)


Based on the field velocity method, a novel approach for simulating unsteady pitching and plunging motion of an airfoil is presented in this paper. Responses to pitching and plunging motions of the airfoil are simulated under different conditions. The obtained results are compared with those of moving grid method and good agreement is achieved. In the conventional field velocity method, the Euler solver is usually used to simulate the movement of the airfoil. However, when viscous effect is considered, unsteady Navier-Stokes equations have to be solved and the viscous flux correction must be taken into account. In this work, the viscous flux correction is introduced into the conventional field velocity method when non-uniform grid speed distribution is occurred. Numerical experiments for the flow around NACA0012 airfoil showed that the proposed approach can well simulate viscous moving boundary flow problems.


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Simulation of Viscous Flows Around A Moving Airfoil by Field Velocity Method with Viscous Flux Correction

  • Ning Gu (a1), Zhiliang Lu (a1) and Tongqing Guo (a1)


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