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A Priori Error Estimates of Finite Element Methods for Linear Parabolic Integro-Differential Optimal Control Problems

  • Wanfang Shen (a1), Liang Ge (a2), Danping Yang (a3) and Wenbin Liu (a4)


In this paper, we study the mathematical formulation for an optimal control problem governed by a linear parabolic integro-differential equation and present the optimality conditions. We then set up its weak formulation and the finite element approximation scheme. Based on these we derive the a priori error estimates for its finite element approximation both in H1 and L2 norms. Furthermore some numerical tests are presented to verify the theoretical results.


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A Priori Error Estimates of Finite Element Methods for Linear Parabolic Integro-Differential Optimal Control Problems

  • Wanfang Shen (a1), Liang Ge (a2), Danping Yang (a3) and Wenbin Liu (a4)


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