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Water and nutrient management: the Austria case study of the FATIMA H2020 project

  • F. Vuolo (a1), L. Essl (a1), L. Zappa (a1), T. Sandén (a2) and H. Spiegel (a2)...


The project “FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water Management” (FATIMA, H2020-SFS2) is developing satellite-based methodologies and information to support effective and efficient water and nitrogen input recommendations in agricultural production. This paper focuses on nitrogen recommendation for winter cereals in Austria and presents preliminary findings from the 2015/16 crop growing season. The Nitrogen Nutrition Index was applied using an empirical relationship to derive dry mass from Leaf Area Index (LAI) and %Na from a chlorophyll index. Results showed a very high correlation between LAI and above ground dry mass (R2=0.95) but a lower correlation between the chlorophyll index and %Na (R2=0.24). Despite various indices tested, the relationship to estimate %Na remains weak. Additional field data and research are needed to further study this aspect.


Corresponding author


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