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Monitoring crop N status by using red edge-based indices

  • J. González-Piqueras (a1), H. Lopez-Corcoles (a2), S. Sánchez (a1), J. Villodre (a1), V. Bodas (a3), I. Campos (a1), A. Osann (a1) and A. Calera (a1)...


Intensive agriculture has the objective to increase nutrients use efficiency. Nitrogen (N) is a key nutrient for crops and the estimations of crop N status allow adjusting the fertilization levels to crop requirements, while reducing the environmental costs and optimizing the benefits for farmers. In this work the N status of wheat in a commercial plot has been monitored, varying the N supply taking into account the variability of the soil. The N content in the cover has been monitored simultaneously by sampling at field level and by using vegetation indices based on reflectance in the red-edge band. The results of the field campaign along a crop growth cycle show that the REP, MTCI, AIVI and CCCI calculated from narrow spectral bands show good linear correlations (R2>0.93) with respect to N content (g·m−2). These indices are stable when passing to broad bands as the case of Sentinel 2 with R2>0.9.


Corresponding author



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