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Development of a sensor fusion method for crop row tracking operations

  • B. Benet (a1), R. Lenain (a1) and V. Rousseau (a1)


A sensor fusion method was developed in order to track crop rows, considering various vegetation levels, for various crops. This application consisted to use a laser sensor, an inertial measurement unit and a color camera, in a fusion mode, to get a set of points corresponding to crop rows and eliminate noise like grass or leaves in environment, in real time. After applying a method such as Hough or Least Square (LS) technique for obtaining the geometric data of the crop line, automatic control operations were applied to realize the crop row tracking operation, with the desired lateral deviation parameter, taking into account the robot angular deviation and the temporal aspect, to realize the task with accuracy and without oscillations. The results showed the robustness of fusion method, to get a stable autonomous navigation for crop row tracking, particularly in the vineyards, with many perturbations such as bumps, hole and mud, and speeds between 1 and 2 m s-1. The mean lateral error between desired and obtained trajectory varied between 0.10 and 0.40 m, depending of speed and perturbations.


Corresponding author


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