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Agronōmics: transforming crop science through digital technologies

  • R. Sylvester-Bradley (a1), D. R. Kindred (a1), B. Marchant (a2), S. Rudolph (a2), S. Roques (a1), A. Calatayud (a3), S. Clarke (a4) and V. Gillingham (a5)...


Good progress in crop husbandry and science requires that impacts of field-scale interventions can be measured, analysed and interpreted easily and with confidence. The term ‘agronōmics’ describes the arena for research created by field-scale digital technologies where these technologies can enable effective commercially relevant experimentation. Ongoing trials with ‘precision-farm research networks’, along with new statistical methods (and associated software), show that robust conclusions can be drawn from digital field-scale comparisons, but they also show significant scope for improvement in the validity, accuracy and precision of digital measurements, especially those determining crop yields.


Corresponding author


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Agronōmics: transforming crop science through digital technologies

  • R. Sylvester-Bradley (a1), D. R. Kindred (a1), B. Marchant (a2), S. Rudolph (a2), S. Roques (a1), A. Calatayud (a3), S. Clarke (a4) and V. Gillingham (a5)...


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