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Verminderde vergrijzing en M. Korsakov; toeval of een voorbeeld van serendiptisme?

  • M.Ch. Doorakkers (a1), S. Tuinier (a1), A.E.S. Sijben (a1), A.J. Wester (a1), R.J. Meijer (a1) and W.M.A. Verhoeven (a1) (a2)...


The clinical observation that patients with an alcohol amnestic disorder get grey hair at a higher age was investigated by comparing a group of Korsakov patients and patients with alcohol abuse with a reference sample from the literature. Korsakoff patients appeared to be significantly less grey than age-matched alcoholics and controls. Some putative etiological factors including the mechanism of apoptosis are discussed.


Corresponding author

Vincent van Gogh Instituut, Postbus 5, 5800 AA Venray


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