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Special gender issues in psychiatry

  • Ilsemarie Kurzthaler (a1) and Barbara Sperner-Unterweger (a1)


Significant gender differences exist in the course, manifestation and treatment of mental illness. Regardless of specific diagnosis age is one of the key factors in gender differences. Such differences between the sexes exist not only concerning origin and perpetuation of specific psychiatric diseases, they are also available and notable in specific fields of pharmacological and psychotherapeutically treatment. That review should sensitize clinicians for their responsibility to provide individualized, optimally effective, gender-specific care to patients suffering from mental diseases in some special topics. It should be a short overview considering some important gender details illustrated in concern with the epidemiological background, the symptoms and general used psychiatric treatment strategies of some frequent psychiatric diagnoses.



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Special gender issues in psychiatry

  • Ilsemarie Kurzthaler (a1) and Barbara Sperner-Unterweger (a1)


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