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Sleep quality in heroin addicts under methadone maintenance treatment

  • Wen-Yu Hsu (a1) (a2), Nan-Ying Chiu (a1) (a2) (a3), Jui-Ting Liu (a1), Chieh-Hui Wang (a1) (a2), Ting-Gang Chang (a1), Yi-Cheng Liao (a1) (a2) and Pei-I Kuo (a4)...


Hsu W-Y, Chiu N-Y, Liu J-T, Wang C-H, Chang T-G, Liao Y-C, Kuo P-I. Sleep quality in heroin addicts under methadone maintenance treatment.

Background: Sleep disturbance is a common phenomenon among opiate addicts. The side effects of opiate addiction or opiate withdrawal might result in sleep disturbance. However, their problems might be related to sedative medication abuse, alcohol abuse or heroin relapse. Sleep is an important issue in this population.

Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of sleep disorders in heroin addicts receiving methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) and analyse the correlation between related factors, such as age at opiate exposure, opiate exposure duration, duration in MMT, methadone current dosage, methadone attendance rate and the severity of sleep disorders.

Method: We enrolled 121 heroin addicts who were receiving MMT. We collected data on the duration of insomnia, hypnotic history, Visual Analogue Scale-10 of sleep quality, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), methadone dosage, methadone history and opiate history.

Results: The mean of the PSQI was 9.1 ± 5.4, and 70.2% of patients had PSQI scores >5, indicating they were poor sleepers. We also found the PSQI scores were correlated significantly with the methadone dosage.

Conclusions: The sleep disturbance prevalence rate of opiate addicts under MMT was high in Taiwan, as shown in the previous studies, and the severity of sleep disturbance has been underestimated.


Corresponding author

Dr Nan-Ying Chiu, Department of Psychiatry, Lu-Tung Branch of Changhua Christian Hospital, No. 888 Lu-Tung Road, LuKang Town, Changhua County, Taiwan. Tel: +886 4 7789595 ext. 1133; Fax: +886 4 7769780; E-mail:


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Sleep quality in heroin addicts under methadone maintenance treatment

  • Wen-Yu Hsu (a1) (a2), Nan-Ying Chiu (a1) (a2) (a3), Jui-Ting Liu (a1), Chieh-Hui Wang (a1) (a2), Ting-Gang Chang (a1), Yi-Cheng Liao (a1) (a2) and Pei-I Kuo (a4)...


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