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Self-injurious behavior and mental retardation; a multidisciplinary approach

  • W.M.A. Verhoeven (a1), A. Dosen (a2), S. Tuinier (a1) and A.E.S. Sijben (a1)


Research on the phenomenon of self-injurious behaviour (SIB) has been very limited despite the relative high prevalence of this type of disorder. The relative lack of knowledge of psychopathology in this field and the methodological problems in performing research projects may have contributed to the limitations in the interest for this area. Recently, research into biological aspects of the etiopathogenesis of SIB has yielded results that might open new vistas for a rational and effective pharmacotherapeutical approach. In this concise review the psychiatric, neurological, biological, pharmacological and methodological aspects of SIB in mental retardation will be mentioned.


Corresponding author

Vincent van Gogh Instituut voor Psychiatrie, Stationsweg 46, 5803 AC Venray


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