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Zoo Conservation Biology
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Book description

In the face of ever-declining biodiversity, zoos have a major role to play in species conservation. Written by professionals involved in in situ conservation and restoration projects internationally, this is a critical assessment of the contribution of zoos to species conservation through evidence amassed from a wide range of sources. The first part outlines the biodiversity context within which zoos should operate, introducing the origins and global spread of zoos and exploring animal collection composition. The second part focuses on the basic elements of keeping viable captive animal populations. It considers the consequences of captivity on animals, the genetics of captive populations and the performance of zoos in captive breeding. The final part examines ways in which zoos can make a significant difference to conservation now and in the future. Bridging the gap between pure science and applied conservation, this is an ideal resource for both conservation biologists and zoo professionals.


'… essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the role - and potential - of zoos in conservation. A critical, wide-ranging synthesis, this book sets out the potential of zoos as a component in conservation's toolkit, and addresses the challenges, biological and educational, for modern, integrated conservation. This book is the definitive text on the role of the progressive zoo in the modern world. It covers a broad range of topics from field conservation, to captive breeding, returning animals to the wild, and public education, and holds out the ultimate challenge of turning zoos into conservation centres. If you are interested in the role of zoos today, this book is a required reading.'

Source: WAZA News

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